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Help your business to achieve optimum efficiency, reduce costs, automate PM processes, manage tasks and to measure performance against deliverables. All of which will guarantee that you have competitive advantage in your industry.

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Imanage Africa is a Software development company based in Sandton, South Africa. A large demand in the industry exists for custom developed software at reasonable rates. State-of-the-art industry knowledge, obsessive attention to every detail and close, ongoing, cooperation with our clients are the vital elements to a Safe and Secure Database storage. The company has moved into the .net and web environment, collecting talented young IT professionals along the way. The growth has culminated in a software development company with a team of project managers, technical developers, mobile developers, application specialists and support technicians.

Our professional team work with each of our clients personally to assure solutions which are apt for each business. Our forward-thinking methods, creative techniques and instant reaction time have resulted into quality service, customer commitment, and system performance.

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why us

Our products are built for both small and big businesses. Designed for Microsoft Windows and Microsoft SQL platform, our users are assured of consistency, data integrity and security.


Dynamic functionality that adapts to suit your business requirements.

Collaborative work

Manage and automate collaborative project work with a system trusted by Africa's most productive companies.

Many addons

Smart features designed to make it the ideal application to enhance operational visibility and accelerate project execution.

User Experience For All

We believe that your projects can be managed better. We have created a solution that will help Project Managers to manage projects and control teams. We consider both agile and waterfall approaches and blend them into this robust, fully customisable product that is well suited to guarantee project success.

Cloud Hosting

Imanage Africa develops custom software and databases which is primarily web-based and in recent years has a growing Cloud Hosting base as well.

Cloud Hosting

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i-manage Projects will help your business to achieve optimum efficiency, reduce costs, automate PM processes, manage tasks and to measure performance against deliverables. All of which will guarantee that you have competitive advantage in your industry.

Track and manage projects

Streamline your project tracking with ready-to-use project management

Manage project resources

Procuring and deploying internal as well as external resources which are needed for delivering a project, portfolio or program.

Quotations and invoices

Easily create quotations or invoices for your clients using the user friendly, yet powerful interface.

Meeting manager

Responsible for organizing the details involved with planning large and small events as well as meetings.

Gantt charts and project reporting

Track individual incidents and responses as well as trends over time.

Unlimited users

Gives unlimited access to your whole team, so you can all work together without the extra costs and distractions

mobile app development


Decades of design experience mean that, whatever your brand, we'll work with you to ensure that it looks beautiful online.


Our attention to planning and wire-framing results in your site offering potential or existing customers the best User Experience.


Daily site maintenance and site backups provide a tough barricade against hacking attempts.


We do whatever we can with copy and code to ensure that your site appears as close to the top of search engine results as possible.


We can build and style your online shop, and have the experience to guide you with regards to using psychology to boost online sales, as well as best practice when it comes to preventing cart abandonment.


Our code is robust and carefully tested to ensure quality responsiveness and functionality across multiple browsers and devices.


Each Customer Management System we provide is straightforward, allowing for constant content updates to ensure your site is always relevant.

Cloud Hosting

Make the forecast cloudy with a chance of awesomeness! Our state of the art virtual hosting environment means more scalability, more redundancy and minimal downtime in the event of errors. Our cloud servers use the very best virtual technology and software to offer you all the benefits of dedicated hosting at a fraction of the cost of traditional physical servers. Scalable infrastructure mean that you can quickly and easily effect upgrades with no downtime and get additional resources like processing power, RAM and storage when you need them. Our top notch hardware offers the very best in processing speed, RAM and network attached storage for ongoing performance optimisation.

How it Works
Cost and Contract Duration
Technical and Access to data
Host your Sage Evolution Database on our cloud server using the following simple steps:
  • Provide backups of your current Evolution and Common Database
  • We create an instance for your database on our cloud server
  • We restore your databases
  • We give you access for you to locate your new hosted database (IP Address, login name and password)
  • Login and start working
  • Cost
    Database Size Number of Databases Price
    1 G and below 1 R 599.00
    1G-5G 1 R 899.00
    5 G – 10G 1 R 1099.00
    10G – 15 G 1 R 1399.00
    15 G – 20 G 1 R 1699.00
    Contract Duration

    The IManage Africa contract will run for 12 months and is renewable thereafter. A month’s notice is needed for any cancellations.


    Automated weekly backups are processed for each database. Daily primary and secondary backups of our servers are done by third a party. Our clients do not have direct access to login to any of our servers to ensure security. The servers are constantly monitored 24/7.

    Access to data

    Access to backups or the data can be granted upon request. A notification needs to be emailed to The database download link will then be emailed to a pre-approved email address via a Drop Box link. Security authentication is required for this request.

    Technical Data

    IManage Africa uses Hyper-V for cloud server environments. Our servers run on Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Standard. The Microsoft SQL versions we accommodate are 2014 and 2016.

    Software Development

    Experts in custom Software Development. There is no project to big or too small. Let us develop the right system to meet your requirements, improve your efficiency, performance and even profitability.

    Imanage Africa aims to accelerate the creation of your software products from the stages of conceptualisation through to implementation, reducing time to market helping to make schedules predictable in order to better manage resources, calculate costs, and reduce risks. With Thought Inc. as your technology partner and service provider, we will bring your product to life.

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    If you’ve chosen Sage Evolution, X300, Sage Cloud, Sage Live or Partner as your ERP and you have a e-commerce website, it’s really important that they communicate with each other so that you can provide the most seamless e-commerce experience for your customers – and so that your day-to-day business can run smoothly. A Sage - eCommerce integration can achieve both these goals.


    Syncing product information from Sage to your eCommerce is easy once you’ve set up the integration module. Details like the SKU, price, stock level and product title will all be synced with the cloud, so that your product data is always up-to-date. Products can also be updated on schedule (up to every 30 minutes).
    Syncing images between Sage and the cloud is also simple once you’ve integrated with the cloud, and you can upload or remove images automatically. Once you’ve configured products correctly on Sage (we can help), fields from Sage can be “mapped” to any attribute on your eCommerce store. We’ll work with you to create a flexible system that suits your needs. Add user-defined fields to your inventory on Sage and segment your inventory into the categories, sub-categories or brands you choose (we can help you set this up). You can then sync these fields to your eCommerce store via the cloud. We’ll work with you to create a flexible system that suits your needs.

    If you have variations in your products (e.g. one shirt that comes in multiple sizes), we can create one “configurable product” with multiple “simple products” in your eCommerce automatically. You can also assign images to each product for swatches. Any time you need to update any attribute on any of your products, you can do it with ease. It’s no longer an exhausting manual process, but a quick and seamless change that can be synced across all of your platforms. Inventory management can also be set per product – you may want to choose specific products to manage stock. If you have multiple eCommerce websites, that’s no problem. The sync module's sophisticated system lets you manage all your data in one central place, with near real time updates. If you’ve set up multiple stores, you can choose which store to sync to, and when. With unlimited user defined fields and unlimited price lists on Sage, as well as the option for multi-currency sales, your ERP is the brain of your business. Once we’ve integrated it with your e-commerce website, you can be sure that all the necessary data is in the right place, without the risk of human error. Imanage Africa develops custom software and databases which is primarily web-based and in recent years has a growing Cloud Hosting base as well.


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